Annabelle's Abba-Zaba Minis 80ct


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About This Black Tie Mercantile Signature™ Gift Box:
First introduced in 1922, Abba-Zaba is still made the old fashioned way, with a creamy peanut butter center smothered in rich handmade taffy. Over the decades, Abba-Zaba fans have developed countless strategies for enjoying this delicious confection: some prefer them cut up into tiny pieces, while others insist that freezing is the best method. However you choose to enjoy your Abba-Zaba, you'll be experiencing firsthand the tradition of quality that Annabelle Candy Company represents.

Now get a Black Tie Mercantile Signature™ Gift Box for any occasion featuring eighty 0.425 oz bars of Annabelle's Abba-Zaba Minis.

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