Charms Sour Balls 12oz Cannisters 2 Pack

Sour Candy

About This Black Tie Mercantile Signature Gift Box:
Charms Candy Company was founded in 1912 by Walter W. Reid Jr. in Bloomfield, New Jersey. The company was originally called Tropical Charms, after their flagship product: a square-shaped hard candy, which was one of the first to be individually wrapped in cellophane. In 1988, Tootsie Roll Industries purchased the Charms brand, and continues the Charms legacy to this day.

When Austrian immigrant Leo Hirschfeld opened a candy business in New York City in 1896, he hoped to create a chewy chocolate candy that would resist melting in the heat and that could provide an economical alternative to the more expensive traditional chocolates. He named his candy Tootsie, after his nickname for his daughter Clara, and almost overnight, sales took off. Because Hirschfeld’s original recipe for Tootsie Rolls called for the incorporation of the remainders of the previous day's batch into the next day’s mixture, there is theoretically a bit of the very first Tootsie Roll in every one of the sixty four million Tootsie Rolls that Tootsie produces each day.

Now get a Black Tie Mercantile Signature Gift Box for any occasion featuring two 12 oz canisters of Charms Sour Balls.