Läkerol Salvi Licorice Sugarfree Pastilles, 0.8 oz Packages Twelve Pack


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About This Black Tie Mercantile SignatureTM Gift Box:
At a German trade fair in 1909, Adolf Ahlgren-a wholesaler from Gävle, Sweden-discovered an intriguing cough drop that was sold in German pharmacies. Soon after, the first Läkerol pastilles were introduced. By persuading royalty, Nobel Prize winners, politicians, and singers to extol the benefits of Läkerol, Ahlgren enabled his fledgling product to develop a strong following. The well-known "A" on the pastilles and packages stands not only as a mark of quality, but as a tribute to Läkerol's founder and the idea he championed: encouraging everyone to express themselves and make their voices heard.

Now get a Black Tie Mercantile SignatureTM Gift Box for any occasion featuring twelve 0.8 oz packages of Läkerol Salvi Licorice Sugarfree Pastilles.

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