Napoleon Fruit Mix Hard Candy 2 lb Bag

Hard Candy

About This Black Tie Mercantile Signature™ Gift Box:
In 1912, a baker in Antwerp named Louis Janssen decided to produce sweets in the cellar of his bakery, In Den Gouden Bol. Upon hearing a fellow chocolatier boasting about a new truffle—which had been named Caesar—Louis announced that his sweets would be called Napoleon. The delicious boiled sweets were met with approval by the citizens of Antwerp and quickly became a national phenomenon. Since then, Napoleon has spread across the globe, with a state of the art facility seamlessly combining traditional and modern equipment to produce more than 500 million candies each year. Napoleon remains dedicated to sourcing natural ingredients locally in order to reduce their environmental impact and provide the freshest, most delicious product possible.

Now get a Black Tie Mercantile Signature™ Gift Box for any occasion featuring one 2 lb bag of Napoleon Fruit Mix Hard Candy.

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