POP ROCKS XTREME Sour Popping Candy 2-Flavor Variety

Pop Rocks

About This BlackTie Box:
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William A. Mitchell, a chemist at the General Foods Company, stumbled upon carbonated candy in 1956; while working on ways to make instant carbonated soda, Mitchell tried trapping carbon dioxide in candy tablets. Although Mitchell's experiment never panned out, twenty years later another chemist came across the formula and with a little reworking POP ROCKS were born. POP ROCKS revolutionized the candy industry when they hit store shelves in 1975, quickly becoming one of the fastest-selling candies of all time.

Get creative with POP ROCKS and sprinkle them on cupcakes, use them to rim a cocktail glass, or simply eat them as a tasty treat.

Now get a BlackTie Box for any occasion featuring twelve 0.24 oz packets of POP ROCKS XTREME Sour Berry Blast Popping Candy and twelve 0.24 oz packets of POP ROCKS XTREME Savage Sour Apple Popping Candy.

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