The Ginger People Organic Pickled Sushi Ginger


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The Ginger People, Bruce and Abbie Leeson, have traveled to preeminent ginger growing regions around the world for over 30 years, partnering directly with ginger farmers in order to source the most premium quality ginger. In their global search for the world's best ginger, The Ginger People discovered places like Viti Levu, Fiji; with one of the most pristine ecosystems in the world, nutrient-rich soil and natural irrigation from tropical rainfall, Fiji produces some of the world's purest ginger. Using sustainable practices, The Ginger People's farming partners around the world rotate ginger crops with cassava, taro, and other annuals to maintain the integrity and productivity of the soil. The Ginger People's Organic Pickled Sushi Ginger consists of sheer, delicate slices that are excellent for sushi, sashimi, spring rolls, or smoked fish. Give some kick to your next slaw, salad, or sandwich, and use the remaining ginger-vinegar liquid to make a delicious dressing or sauce.

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